A Brief History of Digix (More pictures than words)

A Brief History of Digix

Dec 2014 — Digix was incorporated in Singapore

Jan — Feb 2015 — Prototyped on Counterparty XCP and colored coin. Failed.

Mar 2015 — Switched to Ethereum. Set off for London to meet up with the Ethereum Foundation members in their office. This was the birth of a special relationship with the team.


First time we met the EF (Mar 2015)

May 2015 — Invited the Ethereum Foundation members to present / promote Ethereum in Singapore together with Digix, and met up with several regulatory bodies and authorities.


From left to right: Gavin Wood, Jutta Steiner, Ken Kappler, Dawei Chang, Marek Kotewicz, George Hallam, Anthony Eufemio, KC Chng, Tanah Merah Country Club

Showed them our vaulting facilities and suppliers of gold and of course, the rest of Singapore!


Malca-Amit / Freeport Singapore


Interview With George, Singapore

May 2015 — Met up with Vitalik when he stopped over. He speaks great mandarin btw!


July 2015 — Met up with Vinay Gupta and we helped to host a talk at the Singapore Management University.


Teo, Vinay, and Shaun


Vinay’s keynote at Singapore Management University

Aug 2015 — Anthony our CTO, sends the 1st live ethereum transaction, and bought a pizza card with it.


October 2015 — Partnered with Bitcoin Processor, Coinify

3 November 2015 — Presented at a Fintech conference in Switzerland, organized by the Swiss National Bank.


11 November 2015 — Web presentation of Digix’s Proof of Asset Protocol at Ethereum DevCon 1

Dec 2015 — Collaboration with FreeMyVunk started

15 Jan 2016 — Launched our fully functioning beta platform on Frontier

27 Jan 2016– Meeting and catching up with Rune, founder of MakerDAO


Rune, Kc, Republic Plaza Singapore

2 Feb 2016 — Partnership with ConsenSys on uPort integration

12 Feb 2016 — KeyNote presentation with SatoshiPay at Singapore’s start up hub.


Mar 1 2016: Announced plans for DigixDAO and Crowdsale

Present: Still running as many seminars as we can, meeting as many people as we can, improving our services and to continue promoting Ethereum to the general public.